Self Image

Artist Statement

Colorful, vibrant, thought provoking, spontaneous; these are just a few words that describe artist Deanna St. Martin’s work.

The process of making this art starts out simply; I create the texture for the under paintings, then add watercolors; while the paint is drying, I manipulate the paint by moving it, brushing it and adding more water where necessary. Then the creativity takes over; amending the painting to get the image I want for the final result.

Before I begin a piece, I plan; utilizing a design I’ve created and interpreting that as I put the paint onto the paper. While the paint is drying, I manipulate the “paper” to move the paint to places it’s not or remove paint where I don’t want it to be. After it’s dry the real fun begins; I create designs by masking, spraying, brushing and painting. The final result is about adding and subtracting. The materials I use are watercolors, ephemeral, watercolor pencils, acrylics, watercolor paper and Yupo. The technique, style, and methods relate to the medium flawlessly. The slickness of the Yupo combined with the water and viscosity of the paint interact perfectly to create chaos and out of the chaos comes harmony of design.

About the process of creating, Deanna says, “I make art because to do otherwise would be impossible. I continually see line and design in every day images. Expressing those visual images onto paper is so exciting and fun.” The meaning of my work is simply self expression and creativity. When I paint I escape into the process of creating. It’s such a joy to put onto paper what is inside me. I am primarily a visual person and my inspiration comes from nature and things I see every day; I am blessed to be able to interpret those every day images onto paper via my own expression.

The major influences in my work come from my passion of golf and from Mary Ann Beckwith. Mary Ann is the artist that inspired me to find my own voice for which I am eternally grateful.